Monday, May 15, 2017

I Thought I'd Ruined Mother's Day

I thought I'd ruined Mother's Day
the house was all a mess
the dished piled in the sink
I couldn't find my dress

I sat and ate my breakfast slow
determined to enjoy
the children gathered all around
my lap, their favorite toy

The time, I knew, was flying by
so much that needed done
we had to get to church on time
always this race to run

The baby's face was dirty
the toddler's diaper messed
the preschooler had a missing shoe
and his sister wasn't dressed

My daughters, who are twelve and nine
had helped their Dad make me
a breakfast so sweet and special
but there was no time for tea

The goat was waiting to be milked
the pigs, they needed fed
the chickens' eggs to be collected
and the teens were sleeping in

I sighed a sigh that was too loud
my son, he overheard
"take it easy Mom," was all he said
I uttered not a word

Just once I wanted it to be
the kind of day that I did well
without the missing shoes
the dirty faces, or the smells

Without the tangles in girls' hair
waiting to be brushed out
without the tantrums, chores, and sighs
rising tension in the air

At last we loaded up the van
abandoned shoes were found
the sweater I'd stood ironing
was finally coming 'round

And then I climbed into the van
and found awaiting there
messy faces all in smiles
and bows in tangled hair

My darlings, my loves, my reasons for being
how could I be so silly
to look upon the messes of life
as if they matter, really

I thought I'd ruined Mother's Day
with harsh words and impatient sighs
but my children must know the love I carry
so deep and full inside

Thank you Lord for children
for every dirty little mess
for tea that gets neglected
in search of each lost dress

Thank you for the love they share
for life, for fun, for me
I know these days will quickly pass-
please let me hang on and make them last-
for as long as time shall be

Elizabeth Sliwa
Mother's Day 2017


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  1. Wow! I'm in tears! There is not a mother in the world who can't relate to your Mother's Day feelings. Love you, my girl. My power-packed writer.