Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day and an Announcement!

What Did I Do Today

Author - Unknown

Today I left some dishes dirty,
The bed got made around 3:30.
The diapers soaked a little longer,
The odor grew a little stronger.
The crumbs I spilled the day before
Are staring at me from the floor.
The fingerprints there on the wall
Will likely be there still next fall.
The dirty streaks on those windowpanes
Will still be there next time it rains.
Shame on you, you sit and say,
Just what did you do today?

I held a baby till she slept,
I held a toddler while he wept.
I played a game of hide and seek,
I squeezed a toy so it would squeak.
I pulled a wagon, sang a song,
Taught a child right from wrong.
What did I do this whole day through?
Not much that shows, I guess that's true.
Unless you think that what I've done,
Might be important to someone
With deep green eyes and soft brown hair,
If that is true... I've done my share.

I had the priviledge of spending my Mother's Day Weekend away with my own special Mom and Dad, my sister, and my brother and sister-in-law. What a special 48 hours it was, deep in the heart of amish country. I brought just the baby and enjoyed being able to dote on her for two days. There were sunny walks, rainy drives through the countryside, games by the woodstove and lots of silly laughter. And it made returning home on Mother's Day all the sweeter :) I was greeted by lots of hugs, homemade cards, a new gardening spade, and dinner lovingly prepared by Joe. A lovely weekend indeed. Happy Mother's Day.

The house we stayed in

The old mill and covered bridge on the same property

My brother- Sam, Sam, the fly fisher-man.

Amish working the fields right outside our door. A beautiful sight. And they were always smiling.

Grandpa and Charlotte

Charlotte and the claw foot tub :)

An old church with tombstones dating back to the 1700's

And... it seems we just can't get enough of all these babies. We found out a few weeks ago that baby #6 is on the way! Due to arrive in December sometime. I postponed announcing it here because my HCG levels were quite low and we weren't sure if it would be a viable pregnancy. But weeks have passed and I am comforted by the pregnancy symptoms I've been having and the fact that my clothes are already tight. I feel deliriously happy and nauseous all at the same time :) And I'm really struggling with fatigue. Not sure I've ever been more tired in my life. Planning to try taking it a little easy the next few months (if that's possible). I'm going to try to spend more time on the couch or sitting in the sunshine just reveling in the new life soon to become part of this boisterous bunch. Thank you God for your blessings too numerous to count.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Raspberries and Hide-n-Seek

A dear friend was so generous in sharing some prolific rasberry bushes that were overtaking her garden. I am so thankful to have these. I've wanted to plant berries for several years, but after buying all our regular garden seeds (n stuff) every year, there's just never enough money left over for berry bushes. Thank you Robin!

I found the perfect place to plant them. Right next to our shed where our old chicken coop used to be. The earth is soooo fertile there after 4+ years of chickens! I tried my best to dig  around the many, many earthworms- a certain sign of healthy soil. 

And I won't even have to wait for rasberries because this dear woman also gifted me with several bags of berries, frozen from last season! Yay! I made my momma a Mother's Day rasberry pie. Can't wait to enjoy it with her this weekend!

And while I was planting these bushes there was lots of giggling going on around me, for Grandpa and Ava were having a game of hide-n-seek :)

Such perfect moments make me want to freeze time. But then, I'd never get to enjoy these peas that are growing nicely despite all the nasty weather we've been having :)